Thanks to Angela’s acupuncture, I am having the most pleasant period ever in over 15 years thus far!! Finally no more immobilizing pain! Overjoyed. – L.E. 

I cannot thank Angela Mentink enough! If my daughter knew I was posting this she would kill me but after 6 months of my poor kid throwing up for days before her cycle started she began acupuncture treatments with Angela we are now on month 3 of no cycle symptoms! And I didn’t have to put my 13 yr old kid on birth control! -E.B.

Yesterday, I woke up to find that I could not talk above a whisper. Today, I went to see my acupuncturist, Angela Mentink. I could barely even tell her what was wrong because I was so hoarse. She gave me an acupuncture treatment followed by a cupping treatment. Now, just a couple of hours later, I am able to have real conversations with my hubby. This stuff really works, y’all!! -A.W.

 Acupuncture has not only saved me from carpal tunnel surgery, it’s also alleviated the pain and stiffness of a trigger finger, AND the constant high pitched tinnitus – all without drugs!
There is so much more acupuncture can do for you.
Angela Mentink is very knowledgeable and caring.
P.S. My husband is seeing Angela. Acupuncture is not just for women. – K.H.