Winter Transition

Happy New Year!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful and stress-free holiday season.  January is a time for resolutions and change.  This can be a difficult yet beautiful transition for people.  Understanding the laws of nature according to Chinese Medicine’s Five Element Theory can help you to make change easier and longer lasting.

Winter is related to the water element and is a time of quiet stillness and deep reflection.  It is a great time to practice yoga, qigong, tai chi, or meditation.  Warm comfort foods like soups and stews made with nourishing broths and seasonal veggies should be eaten.  Cold and raw foods should be limited or avoided.

A few signs or symptoms that your water element may be out of balance are low back/knee pain, fatigue, incontinence, anxiety/excessive fear, or inflexibility/resistance to change.  Balancing your water element can help eliminate these related issues, as well as increase your will-power to help you keep your New Year’s resolution.  I hope this year is one of great progress and is filled with love, joy, and happiness for you!

With Gratitude- Angela Mentink LAc


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